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September 25, 2019

Everyone wants a beautiful smile that lights up a room. While a healthy smile feels good and functions fine, many times people are looking for more than a healthy smile. They want the glistening, straight smile that you see in some of the most prominent figures in the world. As we age, however, choosing traditional braces becomes less appealing, which is why dental solutions like Invisalign have risen to prominence in providing straight teeth to adults. Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - a leading dentist in Downtown Pittsburgh - knows just how important it is to get a great smile, which is why we’re here to show you why a general dentist is a great choice for your Invisalign. While orthodontists thrive in providing traditional braces for patients, do general dentists have a competitive edge for Invisalign? We’re here to break it down for you.

Invisalign Was Originally Created for General Dentists

Invisalign is Made for General Dentists in Downtown Pittsburgh

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While orthodontists are generally the sole providers of traditional braces, Invisalign was created specifically for general dentists. Invisalign was designed to used advanced technologies that plan the straightening fo your teeth for you, meaning that Invisalign could be administered by someone without the most cutting-edge knowledge or orthodontic treatment. However, dentists are more than capable and knowledgeable enough to undergo the training required to supply Invisalign to patients.

In the early days of Invisalign, orthodontists began adopting the technology as their own because they are considered better suited for making modifications to the technology. However, Invisalign has advanced greatly since its humble beginnings and it is now rare that patients need modification to their treatments -- especially the types of modification that a general dentist couldn’t handle.

While it’s clear for this reason that dentists are more than qualified to supply patients with Invisalign, this raises the question of why a dentist is needed at all and why people shouldn’t consider discount treatments like Smile Direct Club. While an orthodontist isn’t needed, moving your teeth in a drastic fashion is still a big deal and can affect your body, which is why oversight and guidance from a medical professional like a dentist over treatment are recommended. When it comes to Invisalign vs. Smile Direct Club, the clear choice is to choose a dentist for Invisalign.

Experience is the Key Determinant in a Great Provider

Choose a Dentist in Downtown Pittsburgh with Great Experience

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While dentists and orthodontists both bring their own strengths to the table when providing Invisalign, the main factor you should consider is the amount of experience an Invisalign provider has with the product. When it comes to finding a great Invisalign provider in Pittsburgh, Invisalign's website takes the guesswork out for you. Invisalign’s website has a ranking system that lets you know the types of Invisalign the provider can give you - adult or teen Invisalign - and the number of cases they’re treated. 

Dr. Litsa Zotis of Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics is ranked as a silver provider of Invisalign. For a general dentist in Downtown Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, Dr. Zotis is ranked in the top ten providers. Among these providers, all but one are also considered silver-tier providers, meaning Sixth Street Dental aesthetics is one of the leaders in Invisalign Pittsburgh.

General Dentists Approach Invisalign with a Holistic Approach

A Dentist in Downtown Pittsburgh Gets to Know Your Whole Smile 

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If you walk into an orthodontist’s office looking for Invisalign, they’ll do just that: provide you with Invisalign, no more and no less. However, having a great smile is about much more than having straight teeth. It’s about healthy teeth that will last a lifetime. Imagine your orthodontist spots a cavity or potential infection of the gums prior to treatment. While you can hope the orthodontist will point this out to you, they are likely in the business of making sure you purchase Invisalign treatment from them first and foremost.

A general dentist, however, may recommend you take care of your cavities or address a gum infection first. Focused on ensuring you have both a beautiful and healthy smile, a general dentist cares for your whole smile, not just straightening your teeth. Additionally, choosing Invisalign from your current dentist helps advance the holistic healthcare treatment that people need, ensuring your dentist knows your habits and issues prior to treatment.

General Dentists May be Cheaper than Orthodontists

Why Pay More for Equally Effective Treatment?

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Invisalign isn’t cheap. While Invisalign definitely is worth the investment, we know how important it is to make the most of your money. Given that dentists and orthodontists can provide essentially the same kind of Invisalign treatment, your determinant of who to choose may be based on price. While Invisalign quotes vary from provider to provider, it’s worth keeping in mind that orthodontists are considered experts in teeth straightening and may charge a more expensive rate for this expertise. While not discounting the knowledge and education of an orthodontist, it’s important to note that Invisalign is easy to use and administer for a dentist while yielding great results. Don’t take our word for it though -- feel free to schedule a consultation with Sixth Street Dental and an orthodontist to see who can provide you with a better rate. 

A General Dentist Helps You with Next-Step Treatment

Invisalign Isn’t the End of the Road for Your Dental Treatment

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Invisalign does an excellent job of straightening your teeth. However, after treatment, you may realize that one of your teeth is a little small, misshapened, or chipped. A general dentist is able to see this during treatment and suggest options - like a veneer or dental crown - for finishing off your smile right. Additionally, a dentist in Downtown Pittsburgh has the premiere whitening treatments to make your smile extra beautiful after Invisalign.

Think it’s time to explore Invisalign for yourself? Get in touch with Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - a leading Invisalign provider in Downtown Pittsburgh - today for an Invisalign consultation.


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