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March 13, 2019

We all want to walk in to a room with full confidence in ourselves: confidence in our abilities, confidence in our relationships with others, and confidence in the way we look. We work hard to instill this confidence in ourselves, but sometimes certain insecurities leak through, bringing us down a notch. Lucky for you - thanks to Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics and modern advancements in dentistry - your smile never has to be a point of insecurity again. With a variety of options for improving your smile, including crowns and bridges, you’ll be putting your best, most confident face forward in no time. But what exactly are crowns and bridges, and are they right for me? The smile experts at Sixth Street Dental are here to break it down for you.

What are Crowns and Bridges?

Bridges & Crowns
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Crowns and bridges are cosmetic dentistry tools used to correct the unsightly appearance of flawed tooth shape, appearance, or strength. Essentially acting as a tooth-shaped cover one your most unsightly smile flax, crowns and bridges can turn and imperfect smile into a stunning, youthful looking smile with one simple procedure.

There are some essential differences between a crown and a bridge, however. Crowns are individual tooth-shaped caps that are placed over a tooth. Crowns fix the shape, size, and appearance of the unsightly tooth than exists below. A bridge, however, is a fixed dental prosthesis that replaces a missing tooth or teeth by adjoining an artificial tooth to adjacent teeth or implants. Bridges are either anchored through crowns, dental implants, or another solution your dentist provides.

Who Benefits from Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns & Bridges Pittsburgh

The great news about crowns and bridges for dental restoration is that they are a great option for people of all ages -- and this is good news, because about 7% of people have lost a permanent tooth by the age of 17 from decay alone. As long as your permanent adult teeth are visible, you can use crowns and bridges to correct the appearance of small, unshapely, or missing teeth. Crowns are a great option for people feeling insecure about the appearance of specific teeth - for instance, small incisors, unevenly sized front teeth, or misshaped canines. These issues are often cosmetic, but many people seek crown work for reasons of oral discomfort while eating or biting down. Patients will often seek bridgework following a dental extraction -- not only for cosmetic reasons, but for ease of chewing and comfort. In addition to providing a simple fix to a missing tooth, bridges are a great option for people looking to improve the appearance of a small section of teeth without choosing full dentures.

When do People get Crowns and Bridges?

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Simply put, people get crowns and bridges on an as-needed basis. According to Boston Magazine, 69% of adults from 35-44 years old have lost at least one permanent tooth. By age 50, Americans lose and average of 12 permanent teeth, and 26% people between 65 and 74 years old have lost all their teeth. This means that solutions like crowns and bridges are not only extremely popular, but are used by people of all different age groups.

For older individuals, losing teeth is common due to changes in the mouth as a whole. Nerves begin to shrink, making it harder as an individual to detect problems in your own mouth that are often signaled through oral pain. Throughout adulthood, losing teeth or having an increased appearance of unsightly teeth is common due to years of poor diet, smoking, or poor dental habits. As a younger person, crowns and bridgework are used due to dental-related accidents (like an accident at hockey practice), naturally-occurring small teeth, or emergency extraction.

In other words, crowns and bridges are popular for all ages, but the reason for which we get crown or bridgework varies from person to person.

Why do People get Crowns and Bridges?

Hockey player missing teeth

As mentioned, people get crowns and bridges on their teeth for a wide variety of reasons, all of which have many contributing factors. As a great solution for people of all ages, here is a list or reasons people get crowns and bridges:


  • Restore a section of the smile
  • Increase ability to chew properly
  • Restore appearance of missing tooth
  • Fix speech and pronunciation
  • Maintain face shape caused by dental issues
  • Bite force redistribution
  • Retain proper teeth positioning


  • Protect a week tooth
  • Restore a broken tooth
  • Support a tooth with a filling
  • As part of a dental bridge
  • Cover misshapened/discolored tooth
  • Other cosmetic modification

If you have a dental concern that is not listed as a common reason for getting a crown or bridge, talk to your dentist about your concerns. Your dentist can help provide you with a solution that will best fit your lifestyle and budget while providing a worthwhile and effective solution to your smile insecurity.

Where Can I Get Crowns and Bridges?

6th street dentistry for crowns and bridges

Many times your family dentist can either provide you with crowns and bridges, but sometimes they will refer you to a specialist. For patients in the Pittsburgh area - the City of Bridges itself - check out Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics for your dental crowns and bridges. Conveniently located in downtown Pittsburgh and open during times that fit your busy schedule, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics works hard to help you craft the smile of your dreams. Dr. Zotis and her team ensure comfort and a smooth treatment even for those most anxious in the dental chair, treating you like family during every visit.

Think crowns and bridges can help solve your smile insecurity? Get in touch with Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics and start crafting the smile of your dreams today.


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