The Preemptive Care Series: Using Botox for Wrinkle Prevention


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August 14, 2019

We all have an inherent desire to look and feel our best. Men and women alike have an ongoing pressure to preserve a youthful appearance as they age, which is why it’s so wonderful that there are a variety of anti-aging solutions available to the public. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the use of injectable treatments like Botox have spiked more than 40% in the past five years and a driving force of this increase comes from men and women at younger ages looking to try Botox. This brings to question, could Botox be used for preemptive care and prevent wrinkles from forming? The experts of Botox Pittsburgh at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics are here to break it down for you.

How Does Botox Work?

A Baseline Understanding of Botox Pittsburgh

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Botox is an injectable aesthetic treatment that is FDA-approved to reduce the signs of aging on the face by preventing wrinkles from deepening. Made of Botulinum toxin, Botox injections are added into muscle areas to block signals from reaching the nerves in the muscles. If the nerves are blocked, the injected muscle will not contract and form or worsen an existing wrinkle. Botox treatments take about 10-30 minutes per session and last anywhere from 3-6 months or more depending on the patients. Botox injections are not only effective at preventing wrinkles but Botox Pittsburgh is extremely safe and often comes with no complications.

Can Botox Be Used to Prevent Wrinkles Before they Form?

The Experts of Botox Pittsburgh Explain Preventative Botox

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As people begin using Botox earlier and earlier, it raises the question as to whether or not Botox can be used for wrinkle prevention. In short, our answer is yes! 

Wrinkles form due to repeated contraction of muscles that scrunch up the skin on your face. Where these wrinkles form is dependent on a variety of factors that change the way the face looks and acts, including:

  • Patterns of Facial Movement
  • Ethnicity
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle Factors

In other words, some ethnic backgrounds are less likely to form wrinkles than others, genetics weigh heavily in the way you age, and lifestyle factors like a high-stress job can cause wrinkles to form more rapidly in your life.

Regardless of these factors, Botox can prevent wrinkles from forming by inhibiting muscle contraction that causes wrinkles in the first place. By injecting Botox into the forehead, for instance, the raising of your eyebrows will not lead to the formation of a wrinkle. This overall reduced the number of fine lines and wrinkles you have as you get older. Some worry that Botox dulls your ability to make facial expressions, but when done by an expert in Botox Pittsburgh, Botox can look extremely natural and yield great results in people of all ages. 

How do I Know When to Start Preventative Botox?

Preventative Botox Tips from the Leaders of Botox Pittsburgh

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While it’s clear through scientific facts and logic that Botox can be used for the prevention of wrinkles, some people struggle to figure out when the time is right to begin Botox treatments. At Sixth Street Dental - the experts of Botox Pittsburgh - we recommend that preventative Botox treatments begin as soon as you begin to see the formation of fine lines. These fine lines will typically form like smile lines, crows feet, and on your forehead. As we mentioned before, the age in which these lines begin to form varies from person to person and is heavily dependent on lifestyle factors. However, preventative Botox is typically used in people in their mid-to-late 20s or early 30s. For most people, they like to begin having a conversation about preventative Botox with a Botox Pittsburgh professional around the age of twenty-five.

Botox at an early age, however, involves experience and a great balance in the way treatment is done. Experience Botox providers know that it’s important to not over-do it in any patient, but especially in younger patients. Too much Botox not only can look unnatural but can tell your muscles they are not necessary too early, leading to a dependence on Botox. However, the proper balance will not only prevent wrinkles, but prevent them from forming over time so you need less Botox down the road. In the long run, this can save you money and maintain a naturally youthful look for longer.

This all can be a lot to take in, so take a look at these two paths to preventative Botox from Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics, a leader in Botox Pittsburgh:

  1. In your mid-twenties, begin consulting with an experienced Botox expert about using Botox. As an expert, your doctor will be able to assess when and where wrinkles might form on your face and suggest a course of treatment, which will often include micro-doses of Botox in targeted areas.
  2. If you find a fine line, get in touch with Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics. You’ll come into the office for a consultation where we’ll work with you to understand your aesthetic goals. From there, we’ll create a treatment plan - and even give you Botox that same day! Safe and fast, Botox could be the solution to a long-lasting youthful glow.


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