The 7 Best Total-Body Healthcare Providers in Pittsburgh


Sixth Street Dental


February 5, 2020

You know that the way you take care of your body changes the way you look and feel in unbelievable ways. The steps you take to be healthy and beautiful are not only an important aspect of your day-to-day life, but are a key part in making you feel like yourself. At Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - the best dentist in Pittsburgh - we know how important it is to care for your body, which is why we’re here to break down the 7 best total-body healthcare providers in the city of Pittsburgh. From chiropractors to dermatologists, we’re sure these providers will help you look and feel your best.

6th Street Dental Aesthetics: The Best Dentist in Pittsburgh

Treatment Options & Services Available at the Best Dentist in Pittsburgh

6th Street Dental Pittsburgh Dr. Zotis

Located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics is the best dentist in Pittsburgh because of its ability to provide incredible results, a wide array of dental options, and facial aesthetic treatments. Great for busy downtown professionals looking to squeeze in a cleaning in the midst of a busy schedule, Sixth Street Dental has convenient, flexible appointment times. From whitening to smile makeovers, Sixth Street Dental can help you get the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of while making treatment as quick and painless as possible. Additionally, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics takes your smile to the next level with Botox, Juvederm, lip injections, and Kybella. In other words, if you’re looking to get a beautiful smile from start to finish, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics has you covered.

iHealth Clinic: The Flat-Rate Health Clinic in East Liberty

An Ambitious and Affordable Approach to Healthcare

flat rate health clinic

Designed to work around the barriers to healthcare access inherently created by insurance, iHealth Clinic in East Liberty is making healthcare accessible and affordable for people with and without insurance. Treating nearly any ailment for a flat-rate of $35 per visit, iHealth Clinic provides patients with access to high-quality care for a fraction of the price of a regular PCP. Function much like a medExpress, iHealth Clinic has walk-in hours for people to come in for urgent illnesses, women’s health, injuries, health screenings, mental health, and more. All of this is exactly why the iHealth Clinic is considered a top provider in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Center

Rehabilitation & Pain Relief in Downtown Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh chiropractic

For back and neck pain sufferers in Pittsburgh, you know how important it can be to visit a chiropractor or masseuse to get relief from your pain. Pittsburgh Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Center is the convenient Downtown location for everything from hot stone and Swedish massages to cryotherapy and prenatal massages. Patients include those looking for relief from auto injuries, sports injuries, personal injuries, chronic pain, and headaches. If you’re looking for effective relief and treatment for these issues, Pittsburgh Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Center could be your solution.

Shadyside Eye Associates: Leading Pittsburgh Eye Doctor

Adult & Pediatric Optometry on Ellsworth Ave

Shadyside Eye Associates

While commonly overlooked by many people in the healthcare industry, optometrists keep us connected to the world around us in a way that other healthcare providers do not. Located in Shadyside on Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside Eye Associates is a leading eye doctor in Pittsburgh serving adults and children with a number of visual ailments. Offering everything from eye exams to hard-to-fit contact lenses, emergencies, and eye diseases, optometrist Dr. Alicia Telega welcomes patients of all types. Best of all, Shadyside Eye Associates has a convenient online portal and online contact ordering, making it one of the most convenient solutions in Pittsburgh.

Dermal 360: Strip District Dermatologist

Skincare Solutions from a Clinical Aesthetician

Strip District Dermotologist

Located in the Strip District, Dermal 360 is a leading dermatologist in Pittsburgh. Led by Lynn Sullivan - a clinical aesthetician with 30+ years of experience in the industry - Dermal 360 provides treatment for acne, premature aging, pigmentation, and more. Choose from a selection of exfoliating treatments, chemical peels, waxing, and more to begin looking and feeling your best. No matter your skin type or problem, Dermal 360 could be the perfect choice for you.

Rooney Sports Complex: Physical Therapy in Pittsburgh

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine in the Southside

Physical Therapy Pittsburgh

As a leading location for sports medicine in the area, Rooney Sports Complex is the sport for physical therapy for everyone from professional athletes to amateurs. Notable at Rooney Sports Complex is an advanced concussion clinic, therapeutic pool, circuit machines, free weights, isokinetic equipment, and more, all of which are available to help speed up the recovery of athletes. Rooney Sports Complex - despite being located right next to the Steelers training facility - isn’t just for athletes, though. Orthopedic treatment and physical therapy are available for chronic pain, making it a great place for treatment in Pittsburgh.

Case Specific Nutrition: Pittsburgh Dietician

Nutrition Plans, Training, and More Across the Pittsburgh Area

Pittsburgh dietician

If you’re looking to lose weight or take on a healthier lifestyle, Case Specific Nutrition should be one of your first stops. Offering dietician services like nutrition plans, training, corporate wellness services, and Optlife Academy Habits courses, Case Specific Nutrition can help you look and feel your best. Best of all, Case Specific Nutrition has locations in East Liberty, Plum, and the North and South Hills, making it easy to continue on a road to wellness with this great provider.

Let’s begin on your path to feeling and looking your best. Get in touch with the best dentist in Pittsburgh at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics today to get started.


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