I Don’t Like One of my Teeth -- Now What?


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May 15, 2019

A study conducted in 2012 found that near one-third of Americans are unhappy with their smiles. Nearly a decade later - in the age of social media and a constant desire to keep your smile sparkling bright and beautiful - we can only anticipate that this number is rising. But for some of these people, they may not hate their entire smile -- as a matter of fact, they may be insecure about a single tooth or small problem area on their smile. This isn’t uncommon, and there are plenty of options for patients looking for a single tooth makeover. At Sixth Street Dental, we work hard to help you craft the smile of your dreams, which is why we’re here to show you your options for fixing that one problem tooth. Whether your tooth is discolored, misaligned, or misshapen, we have the right solutions for your single tooth makeover.

Invisalign for Your Single Tooth Makeover

The Fast, Personalized Teeth Straightening Solution


It’s not uncommon for people to be insecure with a singular smile issue like a crooked or misaligned tooth. If you’re looking to fix a single crooked tooth - or had braces before and are beginning to notice a subtle shift in a tooth or two - Invisalign is a great option for you. Allowing you to reach beautiful tooth makeover results, Invisalign is the customized clear alternative to traditional braces that allows you to fix your teeth quickly and subtly. With many treatment times right around 6 months, you can wear clear aligners from Invisalign to straighten your tooth over time.

Invisalign is a spectacular solution for your tooth makeover because Invisalign uses specialized technologies to ensure precision and accuracy through the straightening process. The SmartTrack material used in Invisalign allows you to experience a virtually pain-free straightening period with treatment times up to 50% faster than traditional braces. This way, you can gradually fix your crooked tooth with hardly any lifestyle changes. No one will notice your crystal clear aligners -- that is, until you unveil your perfect smile at the end of treatment!

Veneers for Your Single Tooth Makeover

A Surface-Level Solution for All Ages

Teeth Whitening
Image Source: theroyersforddentist

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted with tooth-colored materials that cover the front side of the teeth. Typically made out of porcelain or a resin composite, veneers are a solution for a variety of cosmetic issues, including:

  • Chips & cracks in the tooth
  • Discoloration or weakened enamel
  • Gaps/minor tooth misalignment
Image source: absolutedental

Veneers are a permanent solution that are bonded to the front of the tooth by a dentist or cosmetic dental surgeon. The dentist first discusses your smile insecurity with you and creates a treatment plan that is best for your lifestyle and budget. If your dentist suggests veneers, she will create a custom veneer to match the shape, size, and coloration of your existing teeth. While under local anesthesia, your dentist will place the veneer on your tooth.

This tooth makeover option is not only great for patients with individual smile insecurities but for those looking to overhaul the appearance of an otherwise healthy smile. As an increasingly popular option to get the smile of your dreams, veneers are the simple, long-lasting solution for those looking to fix a wide variety of smile issues.

Crowns or Bridges for a Missing or Misshapen Tooth

The Tooth Makeover for Individual or Small Groups of Teeth

Bridges and Crowns
Image Source: yaletowndentistry

In some cases, your single-tooth smile insecurity may be grounded in the fact that your tooth is too small, too large, rotting, or missing altogether. Lucky for you, you have options to help create the beautiful smile of your dreams. Crowns and bridges are the perfect way to complete a tooth makeover quickly and for long-lasting results.

Depending on your smile insecurity, your dentist will suggest either:

  • A Dental Crown: a single-tooth replica that covers an existing tooth that is either unhealthy or unsightly.
  • A Dental Bridge: a (typically) three tooth combination that places crowns over two healthy, sturdy teeth and holds a replica for a missing tooth seamlessly and naturally. This can also be done using a dental implant.

Both crowns and bridges are custom-built to fit your teeth and unique needs while undergoing a tooth makeover. If you still have an existing tooth rather than a missing tooth, you will likely need to have that tooth removed to ensure a natural and healthy procedure with long-lasting results. With crowns and bridges, you can easily fix smile insecurities caused by a single tooth or small grouping of teeth, leading you to the bold, confident smile of your dreams.

Ready for that single-tooth makeover you’ve been dreaming of? Get in touch with Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics and talk to Dr. Litsa Zotis about your options. After reviewing your smile insecurities - whether they’re caused by crooked teeth, a cracked tooth, or misshapen or discolored teeth - she will help craft a plan for perfecting your smile. If you’re looking for a complete smile makeover, Dr. Zotis can also help you take the steps in finally being able to put your best face forward.


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