How Often Should I Visit My Specialty Care Provider?


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June 12, 2020

Let’s be honest — no one really looks forward to visiting their dentist or primary care physician. But if we want to stay in tip-top shape, we have to. Of course, sticking to a regular check-in routine can be challenging for anyone. All too often, work or personal matters get in the way of making an appointment that fits your schedule. Some people might think that seeing their dentist or physician is pointless if they aren’t experiencing any concerning symptoms. However, staying on top of regular screenings, shots, and tests play a critical role in preventative medicine. 

That’s why leading dentist — Downtown Pittsburgh Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics — is here to review how often you should be visiting your dentist as well as each of your specialty physicians. 

How Often Should I Visit My…

Leading Dentist — Downtown Pittsburgh Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics — Reviews How Often You Should Visit Each Health Provider

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For most patients, visiting their dentist once or twice a year will suffice. During a regular dental checkup, your dentist will examine your oral health to check for any cavities or symptoms of gum disease. To evaluate your overall dental health, your dentist may also conduct an oral cancer screening by examining your mouth and feeling your jaw and neck. Depending on what your dentists finds, they may decide to take an X-ray of your mouth.  

Because dental treatment is so individualized, some individuals might have to visit their dentist more frequently than normal. Patients who smoke or who have diabetes, for instance, often benefit from undergoing more dental exams and cleaning. 

Primary Care Physician?

Patients should visit their primary care physicians at least once a year. Because primary care physicians essentially serve as the gatekeepers to your overall health care and medical history, it is imperative that you complete a wellness visit once a year. During your regular visit, your physician may conduct a physical exam as well as screenings for high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Your doctor may also ask you about your current diet, exercise routine, sleep patterns, and mental health. 

As you continue attending annual appointments, your relationship with your primary care physician will continue to strengthen. Continually seeing a provider that has access to all of your medical records is critical for maintaining your health and preventing potential health problems in the future. 


You should visit your dermatologist at least once a year. However, there are no official recommendations on how often you should check in with your dermatologist. Patients with various skin cancer risk factors such as fair skin or light eyes are encouraged to get screened once a year. People who are dealing with skin conditions like eczema or severe acne will also need to see their dermatologist on a regular basis. 


Patients must visit their OBGYNS at least once a year. Yearly appointments are critical for staying up-to-date on STI tests and cancer screenings. During your appointment, your OBGYN will also perform a pelvic exam to search for any abnormalities you may have. Patients also have the opportunity to ask their OBGYN about anything that is concerning them such as the side effects they are experiencing from their birth control or the unbearable cramps that accompany their periods. 


According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), adults should see their eye doctors at least once every two years. Even if they are not at risk of developing any eye problems, they still need a regular check-up on their eye health. During their annual or bi-annual eye exams, patients will undergo a number of procedures design to test their ocular health. However, people with risk factors such as diabetes or a family history of eye disease will need to see their eye doctors more frequently. 

The Leading Dentist in Downtown Pittsburgh Explains Why You Need to See Your Specialty Care Providers on a Regular Basis

Preventative Medicine Plays a Vital Part in Your Health

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Regular health checkups are important for a number of reasons. For instance, dental checkups are imperative for ensuring you are following a proper cleaning routine. Visits to the OBGYN are critical for undergoing screening to catch any potential health problems early on. Many people benefit from seeing their primary care physician in order to stay up-to-date on their physical health. Others also take advantage of this opportunity to ask any questions they may have regarding any health problems they are experiencing. 

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