Do At-Home Alternatives Do the Trick for Oral Health Care?



April 8, 2020

In the age of Pinterest and other social media platforms, many people are inspired to do-it-yourself. At-home alternatives for recipes, cleaning products, and fast fashion are great ways to stay at home and save money. However, not everything is best suited for an at-home alternative. Like brain surgery and casts for broken legs, cosmetic dental treatments are always better left to the professionals. That’s why the best dentist in Pittsburgh is here to answer your biggest questions about oral health and at-home remedies. Are home whitening and straightening solutions as good as the professionals? Additionally, is there an at-home alternative to Botox? We’re here to break it down right here, right now.

Teeth Whitening At Home vs. with the Best Dentist in Pittsburgh

Get Optimum Results from the Best Dentist in Pittsburgh

Teeth Whitening at Home

Anyone who has ever experimented with at-home teeth whitening knows that results can vary greatly. From one brand to another you may be able to brighten your teeth to different shades, all of which can still come at a hefty price. Not only can you ensure more precise results when whitening with the best dentist in Pittsburgh, but the results ensure that you’re getting more bang for your buck.

At-home whitening solutions can range in price from $100 to $400 depending on the brand and method you choose. While professional whitening and bleaching may be more expensive, the results from professional whitening last longer and can lead to better results. Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics will begin by working with you to define your shade and aesthetic goals. Not only do professional methods reach your goals with more precision, but they get the job done faster and results can last for anywhere from 6 months to a year.

At-home remedies, however, often require numerous treatments to reach your whitening goals. The companies that create at-home remedies also benefit from you buying the product more than once, encouraging them to use less potent ingredients. By the time you reach the whiteness you want with an at-home test, you may be spending more than you would with professional whitening.

Most importantly, all whitening involves exposing your pearly whites to harsh chemicals that can lead to damage or irritation if used improperly. Professional whitening is safer because it is done with more precision, making it a better choice for someone focused on ensuring their smile is as healthy as it is beautiful.

Teeth Straightening At Home vs. with a Dentist

Maintaining Professional Oversight is Key to Successful Straightening

Teeth Straightening at Home

Over the past few years, at-home alternatives to braces have become more and more popular. While Invisalign may look a lot like at-home alternatives like Smile Direct Club, choosing the right treatment for you is the key.

First and foremost, it’s important to NEVER use a DIY alternative to braces. Many myths about ‘safe’ ways to straighten your teeth float around the internet, but — much like repairing a broken bone — moving your teeth around can have a serious impact on your long-term health. 

If you’re choosing Invisalign vs. Smile Direct, the choice may be heavily dependent on your cosmetic goals. While Smile Direct Club does involve creation with a real dentist, it lacks the continued oversight that is necessary for more advanced cases. Invisalign is capable of repairing significantly more smile concerns than Smile Direct Club, is more comfortable, and often times leads to better results.

However, the price difference between Invisalign and Smile Direct is a major factor for some people. The best dentist in Pittsburgh recommends beginning your straightening journey with a consultation with a dentist or orthodontist. Talk about your smile goals and budget limitations. For more advanced issues, Invisalign will almost always be the choice. However, tiny cosmetic changes are sometimes suited best for Smile Direct Club (because it was created originally for tiny shifts that occur after braces).  

At-Home Skin Rejuvenation vs. Botox

Can At-Home Skincare Alternatives Help You Look Younger?

At-Home Skin Care

We constantly see commercials that advertise skincare creams and serums that are age-defying and can help you look younger. However, it’s unclear whether or not these products actually work and if they’re as effective as treatments like Botox.

Lifelong proper skincare is a major key to ensuring healthy, young-looking skin. Ensuring that you’re properly moisturizing, using SPF, and keeping your skin clean can help ensure that you look young as long as possible. Other factors like genetics and smoking can also make your skin look older. 

However, many products that claim to be age-defying don’t live up to their claims. It’s extremely difficult — and some say impossible — to reverse the signs of aging with creams and cosmetics alone. Once the aging is done, adding creams and serums atop the skin are unlikely to reduce the appearance of aging on your skin.

Botox works differently by not targeting the skin itself but instead targeting the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles. Botox prevents the formation and deepening of these lines, helping you maintain your youthful look for longer.

In other words, creams and serums cannot effectively replace Botox. Once approved by your doctor, however, creams and serums can support a beautiful glow when combined with Botox.

It’s clear that the best dentist in Pittsburgh is integral at helping you achieve the best aesthetic results. If you’re ready to get the smile of your dreams, get in touch with Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics today.


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