Digital Dentistry: How a Digitized World is Changing the Face of Dentistry


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January 15, 2020

It seems like every day we encounter a new article regarding advancements in the medical field, ranging from breakthroughs with vaccines and progress in developing cures for a number of diseases. However, amidst this buzz in the medical field, it feels as though we seldom hear about advancements in the dental field. As we kick off the new year, Sixth Street Dental - the leader in general dentistry, facial aesthetics, and Invisalign Pittsburgh - is here to share with you one of the greatest areas of advancement in the dental field: the use of digital dentistry. Here we will break down what digital dentistry is, how Sixth Street Dental utilizes digital dentistry technologies, and what could be next for practices in digital dentistry.

What is digital dentistry?

A Breakdown of Digital Dentistry from the Leader in Invisalign Pittsburgh

invisalign Pittsburgh

In an increasingly digitized world, it can be easy to forget the types of advancements that have been made in healthcare that we now accept as normal. However, technology has greatly aided in creating an experience at the dentist that is vastly more comfortable and efficient than it was years ago.

Digital dentistry is defined by the use of dental technology or devices that use digital or computer-based technologies to complete formerly manual processes. Digital dentistry technologies first became available in the 1980s, but at the time were too expensive for many private offices to utilize. Since then, a number of advancements have been made in digital dentistry that have made the technologies more efficient, affordable, and effective.

Digital dentistry, in many ways, provides a clear advantage for patients and dentists. These advantages break down into three distinct categories:

  • Improved efficiency. Dentists are able to provide services faster and at a better price.
  • Improved accuracy. Scans and procedures are more accurate than ever before.
  • Increased predictability of outcomes. The technologies allow dentists to provide patients with a clear outlook on treatment and results.

Digital technologies in dentistry are used in a number of ways, including a number of scans, surgeries, and more. These technologies have aided in early detection of disease, cavities, and oral cancer screenings, allowing for early detection and improved treatment prognosis.

Digital Dentistry at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics

Using Powerful Technologies for Invisalign Pittsburgh and More

Most dental offices have access to some form of digital dentistry technology, allowing them to provide great efficiency, accuracy, and predictability to patients. At Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - the leader in Invisalign Pittsburgh - we use a few pieces of digital dentistry technology that aid us in providing spectacular results for our patients, including iTero Scanners and digital x-ray technologies. Check out the benefits of these treatments:

Sixth Street Invisalign

iTero Scanners

Used frequently for patients interested in Invisalign, Pittsburgh dentist Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics uses iTero scanners when completing intraoral scans of the mouth. These scanners look like free-standing computers with a small handheld device for completing a scan of the mouth. To use, a dentist or dental assistant will move a tea bag-sized camera around the surface of your teeth to create a digital map of your teeth. 

iTero scanners are typically used as an alternative to traditional impressions and molds that are uncomfortable and sometimes make patients gag. These scans, in addition to being comfortable, provide a more accurate representation of the teeth and often only need to be completed once to get a perfect view of the teeth and their alignment. 

iTero scanners Sixth Street Dental

Digital X-Ray

As opposed to traditional x-ray, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics uses digital x-rays (or digital radiography) in the office. A traditional x-ray can be extremely time consuming, uncomfortable, and involves a greater amount of materials (including chemicals) to develop the images.

Digital x-ray is not only extremely easy to complete for patients and dentists, but it exposes patients to 70% less radiation per visit than traditional x-rays. Additionally, dentists receive an image instantly rather than having to wait for the film to develop, allowing them to save time and ensure they get the right image each and every time.

What’s next in digital dentistry?

A Look at Evolving Digital Technologies with the Leader in Invisalign Pittsburgh

digital dentistry Pittsburgh

It’s clear that digital dentistry technologies have made a difference in dental offices. What else exists in the digital dentistry industry, and what’s next? New tools such as lasers are currently in the early stages of use for surgical procedures and the removal of tooth decay. These lasers turn these procedures into minimally-invasive procedures that remove less tooth structure and oral tissue than traditional techniques.

Additionally, dental CAD/CAM machines and 3D printers have made it easier to manufacture and mill resin, metal, porcelain, and zirconia. These materials are used for creating dental prosthesis, allowing patients to receive can faster than ever before.

Think it’s time to work with a dentist that keeps up with trends of the 21st century? Get in touch with the team at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics to schedule an appointment today.


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