7 Ways to Look & Feel Your Best this Holiday Season


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December 4, 2019

The holidays are an undeniably special time of year. Not only do people tend to be in the spirit of giving, but we are able to reunite with loved ones for the celebration. This means seeing people you haven’t seen in months or years and plenty of pictures. Because of this, it’s no surprise that you want to look and feel your best. At Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - a leader in cosmetic dentistry and Botox Pittsburgh - we’re in the business of boosting confidence, which is why we’re here to share the sever best ways to look and feel your best this holiday season. From youth-restoring cosmetic treatments to simple skincare treatments, we’re sure you’ll be able to look and feel beautiful for whatever the holidays throw at you.


Look Your Best with the Leaders in Botox Pittsburgh

Botox Pittsburgh

If you’re seeing friends and family for the first time in quite some time, the last thing you want is to leave the impression that you’ve aged since your last visit. Many men and women wish there was a way to turn back the clock and gain youthful confidence -- and luckily, there is! Botox is a safe solution for looking younger in a short period of time.

Restoring your confidence with Botox is easy. Once you get in touch with the leader in Botox Pittsburgh - Sixth Street  Dental Aesthetics - you’ll undergo fast, simple treatment that involves a series of small injections. These injections temporarily (for 3-6 months) freeze up your facial muscles that cause wrinkles to form. With Botox, you’ll feel and look younger, allowing you to rest assured that you’re putting your best face forward this holiday season.

Best of all, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics hosts a number of events for Botox in Pittsburgh, making it easy and affordable to feel your best. Follow Sixth Street Dental on Facebook for updates, events, and more to stay in the loop.


Freshen Up Your Hairstyle for the Holidays

There’s no easier way to spruce up your look during the holidays than with a fresh hairstyle. However, some women avoid trying something new when dying their hair in the winter because their roots grow in quickly. Balayage - a hand-painted gradient color hair dye - is the perfect way to avoid this. Keeping your root and adding dimension with balayage highlights is a great way to look your best during the holidays without the upkeep.

Teeth Whitening

Brighten Up with the Leader in Cosmetic Dentistry & Botox Pittsburgh

Teeth Whitening Pittsburgh

If you’re like many families, the holidays mean it’s time to refresh you family portrait. Whether you’re shooting for a Christmas card or taking snapshots while reuniting with loved ones, it’s important for your smile to look its best. Professional teeth whitening services from Sixth Street Dental is the best way to enhance your smile during the holidays. Professional whitening services can last anywhere from sixth months to a year or more, so the holidays are the perfect time to brighten up -- and make a habit of it! 

Lip Injections

Get a Beautiful Full Pout with the Leaders in Pittsburgh Lip Injections

Lip Injections Pittsburgh

Thin, uneven lips can be a point of insecurity for many men and women. Since full lips are a highly desired facial feature, it’s no surprise that lip injections are more popular than ever before. Lip injections are done with a series of small injections of Juvederm - a hyaluronic acid - that plumps skin and restores the natural effects of collagen in the skin. As the perfect way to enhance your smile, lip injections are a holiday beauty staple for many people in Pittsburgh.

Manicure and Pedicure

The Simple Trick for Self-Sprucing During the Holidays

Downtown Pittsburgh Dentist

Whether or not manicures and pedicures are a year-round staple for you, both are a wonderful way to feel beautiful during a special time of year. Getting a manicure or pedicure is not only a great way to protect your skin during the cold winter months, but both can help add a festive touch to your holiday looks. Choose a classic bright red for your nails or add festive designs to help you look and feel extra special during holiday visits.


Protect & Restore Your Skin from the Winter Elements

Facials Pittsburgh

Our skin in the wintertime, more after than not, tends to be lackluster compared to glowing summertime skin. Don’t let this dullness get you down! A facial is a perfect way to treat yourself and restore life to tired winter skin. Many spas offer special winter protection facials in addition to a number of specialty facials, making it possible to put your best face forward with beautiful skin during the holidays.


Look Your Best with Help from the Leader in Kybella & Botox Pittsburgh

Kybella Pittsburgh

If you’re seeing loved ones after quite some time this holiday season,  you probably are worried about the appearance of your skin and body. It’s natural to want to make a good impression on these people in your life, which is why Kybella is a great treatment around the holidays. Designed to minimize the appearance of submental fullness - AKA a double chin -  Kybella can help you look young and beautiful during the winter season.

Ready to put your best face forward this holiday season and beyond? Get in touch with the team at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics to start looking your best today.


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