7 Dental Goals to Set for Yourself for a Healthier Smile


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February 20, 2019

Getting rid of bad habits can be difficult, especially if you’re looking to kick a habit you’ve had for years. Not everyone can find the power in themselves to give up harmful habits, but here at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - the most-trusted dentist in Pittsburgh for more than ten years - we believe in you and your ability to make positive changes. That’s why we’ve made some suggestions for you to start bettering your smile. These changes - some simple, some more challenging - have awesome effects on improving your smile. For anyone serious about improving your smile, try to make some of these lifestyle changes!

Start Brushing More Frequently


Out of all the things you can do to keep your smile healthy, this is a no brainer. If you’re a once-daily brusher, or sometimes get a little lazy at night and pass out without your nighttime brush, consider making a point to brush twice a day (or more, if you’re feeling ambitious!). Not only will you have healthier, more luminous teeth, but brushing stimulates your gums, keeping them healthy and preventing gum disease. This is a goal that pays off too. The more time you spend brushing and taking care of your smile, the more money you have to do what you want with money otherwise spent on dental bills - meaning a vacation may be in your future.

Work to Preserve Enamel

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Enamel is the outer covering on your teeth that keeps them strong and prevents decay. Enamel erosion is common and inevitable, but keeping your enamel strong is key to keeping strong, healthy teeth. There are a variety of changes you can make in your life that will either help strengthen your enamel or preserve the enamel you already have. Acidic foods, for instance, wear down enamel, so it is best to cut down on sugary food and drinks. However, calcium in foods counteracts acids, so increasing your calcium intake (more cheese? I’m in.) can help reduce the wear of enamel. Not only will your teeth love you for this, but these simple changes will also benefit your overall health.

Floss, Floss, Floss!

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You all knew this was coming; make your dental goal to begin flossing! It’s a sad truth that only about 25% of Americans floss every day, making it a great resolution for you and your whole family! Your dentist has been hounding you for years to floss daily because it prevents gum disease, tartar buildup, and even a source of bad breath. Additionally, you’ll cut down on the bacteria hiding in your mouth, making for an overall cleaner mouth.

Consider Cosmetic Treatment

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If you’re looking to become more confident in yourself or your smile, it may be worth looking into the cosmetic dental treatment you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you’ve been dealing with lack of confidence from a crooked smile, decay, or wrinkles around your smile lines, it may be time to finally put your best face forward and treat yourself to the cosmetic treatment you deserve. Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - Pittsburgh’s most-trusted cosmetic dentist - specializes in a variety of treatments including botox, invisalign, and full smile makeovers to give your the smile of your dreams. This decision could be the first step in a lifetime of possibilities and opportunities, so it’s time to put your best face forward and take on the world with confidence.

Quit Smoking & Using Tobacco Products

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The almighty mission to quit smoking isn’t a resolution that just benefits lung health. Tobacco use also has detrimental effects on your oral health, which is why quitting tobacco would be a great lifestyle change to make. Smoking and chewing tobacco yellows teeth, increases risk of gum disease, and compromises your immune system as a whole, making gum disease more likely and makes it harder for your body to heal from other procedures. Quitting tobacco will not only make for a healthier mouth, but a more beautiful smile because your teeth will have less stains and your breath will be fresher, allowing you to truly smile a little brighter.

Whiten Your Teeth, Brighten Your Smile

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We all want a whiter, brighter smile. Why not make it your goal to make that dream a reality? There are a variety of ways you can look to achieve this goal: switch to a whitening toothpaste, cut out foods and drinks that stain your teeth, or seek professional teeth whitening services. A great start would be to cut out foods that stain your teeth like coffee and red wine (we know, this is no easy task, but bear with us). The next step would be to try at-home or professional remedies for teeth whitening and following through with these treatment protocols to maintain that white smile. Of course, make sure that your whitening techniques are safe and healthy for your teeth and gums.

Go to the Dentist for Regular Checkups


We’re not going to lie, when life gets in the way, sometimes we forget that regular dental checkups should be a priority in maintaining dental health. That’s why it’s a great idea to make it a goal to go to the dentist every six months. If you haven’t gone to the dentist in a long time, even going in for a checkup once this year is a great start. Your dentist will provide you with a thorough cleaning and can assess any dental or oral health issues and take action before the problem worsens.

Think it’s time to make a dental goal and start giving your oral health the attention it deserves? Contact Sixth Street Dental and schedule an appointment and start putting your best face forward now and for years to come.


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