7 Businesses in Downtown Pittsburgh for Total Body Wellness


Rachel Lombardo


October 28, 2019

For years, people looked at health under one specific definition; thin, active, and young people typically fit our definition of ‘healthy,’ but there were so many aspects of health that were missing. Over more recent years, we as a society have begun to look at wellness rather than health, or the idea that much more plays into living well than being the poster child for health.

Wellness is more than skin deep. From mental wellness to a healthy diet and healthy mouth, wellness entails every aspect of your body, which is why the best dentist in Pittsburgh is here to break down 7 great places for total body wellness in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics

The Best Dentist in Pittsburgh for Oral Health & Cosmetic Dentistry

best dentist in pittsburgh points to a screen

Wellness Type: Oral health and facial aesthetics

Location: 125 Sixth Street

Price: Variable

When it comes to total body wellness, most people consider their primary care physicians as the primary caretaker of their health. But wellness spans across all parts of the body and mind, meaning that oral health is an important aspect of everyone’s total body wellness. Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics is the best dentist in Pittsburgh for Downtown residents and professionals due to a wide variety of services. From checkups and x-rays to smile makeovers and veneers, Sixth  Street Dental Aesthetics will ensure that your mouth is healthy and beautiful for years to come. Additionally, Sixth Street Dental offers facial aesthetics so you can access Juvederm, Fillers, Kybella, and Botox in Downtown Pittsburgh. Altogether, Sixth Street Dental keeps your mouth healthy while restoring confidence in your smile and life as a whole.

Verve 360

The Pittsburgh Wellness Spa with Yoga & Pilates

downtown pittsburgh yoga

Wellness Type: Pilates, Yoga, Facials, Massage

Location: 142 Sixth Street

Price: Classes starting at $7; service prices vary

Verve 360 - located right across the street from the best dentist in Pittsburgh - is the go-to wellness spa in downtown Pittsburgh. With services including massage, facials, yoga, pilates, and nail services, Verve 360 is the perfect place to exercise and treat yourself.

Healthy Ride: The Downtown Pittsburgh Bikeshare

Stay Active & Environmentally Conscious with Pittsburgh Bike Share

healthy ride bike at point state park

Wellness Type: Exercise, Relaxation, Leisure

Location: Stations located across the city

Price: $2 for 30 minutes, or $12 and $20 monthly plans

As an increasingly popular facet of most major cities, Healthy Ride - the Pittsburgh bike share  - is a great way to stay active, get where you need to be quick, or relax and explore the city. With more than 100 stations across the city and more than 650 bikes, using Healthy Ride is a great way to focus on total body wellness while going green.

Pittsburgh Juice Company

The Downtown Pittsburgh Juice Bar for Healthy Sipping

cold pressed juices in assorted colors

Wellness Type: Healthy Food & Drink

Location: One Oxford Center + Lawrenceville

Price: ~$10

Juicing is one of the biggest trends designed for completing a total nutrient intake. Pittsburgh Juice Company serves organic, raw cold-pressed juices in a number of flavors, each made to provide you with a number of health benefits. Juices are available as juice programs and can also be ordered online, making it easy for Pittsburgh residents to focus on total body wellness even when they’re in a pinch. PS: the best dentist in Pittsburgh reminds you that juices contain natural sugars, acidity, and enzymes, so be sure to maintain proper oral health while drinking.

Counseling at Forward Wellness

Downtown Pittsburgh Mental Health Practitioners

woman talking to therapist

Wellness Type: Mental Health

Location: 510 Third Ave.

Price: Variable, covered by health insurance

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of total body wellness because wellness, much like healthy plants, begins from the ground up. Without a healthy mental and emotional foundation, the rest of your wellness often falls flat. Forward Wellness offers a variety of mental healthcare options including individual and family counseling, trauma therapy, grief counseling,  couples therapy, and more, all of which are designed to help you reach optimal wellness.

Earth Inspired Salads

Healthy Meals in Downtown Pittsburgh that Make You Feel Good

earth inspired salads pittsburgh

Wellness Type: Healthy Food & Drink

Location: EQT Building, Alcoa Building, Just off Market Square

Price: $10-15

Wellness is inspired by the ability to fuel your body to feel and perform its best. The best way to do this? With meals that provide energy and nutrition. Earth Inspired Salads functions with this idea in mind by preparing an assortment of healthy breakfast and lunch items in Downtown Pittsburgh. Best of all, Earth Inspired Salads offers catering, making it easy to treat your friends and employees to a healthy, nutritious meal.

Yoga in the Square

Free Outdoor Yoga in Market Square

Pittsburgh yoga in the square

Wellness Type: Exercise & Leisure

Location: Market Square

Price: Free

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to stay active in Pittsburgh is to utilize a series of free activities in the city. Yoga in the Square is a series of free yoga classes during the warmer months that draws a crowd for enjoying free outdoor yoga. Instructors from leading studios across the city lead a crowd of yogis and beginners alike as other instructors walk around to help you perfect your form. As a great (free) way to work on total body wellness, yoga in the square is a must-try in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Ready to focus on total body wellness? Get started at the best dentist in Pittsburgh by getting in touch with Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics today.


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