6 Lunchtime Hacks for the Downtown Pittsburgh Professional


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October 16, 2019

Working in downtown Pittsburgh - though only a small city - really gives you the feeling of hustle and bustle that you experience in a larger city. Everyone scurrying around for the morning and evening commute and at lunch hour can feel extremely hectic in the busy downtown streets. After a long work week, you want nothing more than to end your day, kick back, and relax at home for your weekend, but having to take care of a variety of responsibilities makes it difficult to maximize your weekend time. That’s why Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - the leading Dentist in Downtown Pittsburgh - is here to provide you with six lunchtime hacks for making the most out of your lunch hour and maximizing your weekend. Whether you’re looking to squeeze in a lunchtime workout or make a quick checkup at the dentist, Downtown Pittsburgh provides you with the flexibility needed to makes the most of your lunch break.

Order Lunch with a Delivery Partner

Free Your Time with Lunch Delivery in Downtown Pittsburgh

lunchtime delivery pittsburgh

When lunch hour hits, it’s a mad dash to your favorite restaurant to snag a spot in line for your food. This 12:00 rush means your favorite restaurants could be running slower than usual, setting you behind schedule and eating up more of your lunch break than you’d like. Avoid the rush with a delivery partner! Whether you choose UberEats, Grubhub, Doordash, or Postmates, these delivery partners deliver your favorite foods to you for a small fee. Choose from large chains and Pittsburgh favorites to have delivered directly to your office, freeing up time spent walking to get lunch so you can make the most of your lunch break.

Make an Appointment at a Dentist Downtown Pittsburgh

Visit a Dentist Downtown Pittsburgh for a Quick Checkup Over Lunch

Dentist Downtown Pittsburgh

One of the best ways to save time over your lunch break is to schedule an appointment with a dentist Downtown Pittsburgh. Not only is it difficult to find an open appointment slot outside of your 9-5 job, but it can be inconvenient to come into work late or leave early when trying to make an appointment slot. Save time by scheduling a lunchtime checkup with Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics. Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics is located in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, just minutes from Market Square, and is your go-to dentist for top-notch oral health care, cosmetic dentistry, and facial aesthetics in Pittsburgh. With convenient hours that allow you to make the most of your lunch break, scheduling an appointment with Sixth Street Dental is guaranteed to save you time during your week and free up your weekend.

Squeeze in a Lunchtime Workout

Skip the Post-Work Gym Rush with a Lunch Hour Exercise Class

Working out Pittsburgh

There’s nothing for frustrating that arriving at the gym between 5:30 and 6:00pm and not being able to find an elliptical or squat rack for your workout. The post-work rush at the gym or your favorite fitness studio is enough to make you want to skip the gym altogether. Thes best way to combat this? Squeeze your workout in over your lunch break! Downtown Pittsburgh has a handful of gyms and fitness studios from which you can sign up for a noon Zumba, Cycling, Pilates, or Boxing class. These classes get your heart pumping in the middle of the day, allowing you to kick back and relax once work is over.

Hit the Salon

Head to a Downtown Pittsburgh Salon for a Quick Trim or Service

salons in Pittsburgh

Make the most of your lunch break by scheduling your appointment at the salon. Whether you’re in need of a haircut or trim or are looking for a quick nail fill, stopping at the salon for a quick lunch break treatment is the perfect way to free up time in your day. Most salons in downtown Pittsburgh plan for lunchtime services - like Verve 360 - leaving open available appointments for quick drop-ins and same-day appointments. Perfect for saving time before a weekend getaway or company holiday party, stopping at the salon frees up your afternoon and makes the most of your lunch hour.

Get Your Car Detailed

Clean Out Your Car Over Your Lunch Break in Downtown Pittsburgh

Car detailing Pittsburgh

No one likes a messy car. Whether you find yourself collecting clothing and sports equipment in your car or simply are due for a good internal scrub, use your lunch break to get your car detailed. As a service that does not require your attendance (in most cases), scheduling a car detailing during your lunch break allows you to grab lunch with coworkers or complete any of the other tasks on this list! There are a variety of car detailers in Downtown Pittsburgh, some of which come to you, making it easy to finish your workday and return to a perfectly-clean car for your nighttime commute.

Run to the Bank

Get to Your Bank in Downtown Pittsburgh Before the 5:00 Rush

Banking Pittsburgh

On a Friday afternoon, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as the mad dash to the bank to cash your paycheck (except maybe tunnel traffic). While there may still be a bit of a wait, make the most of your lunch break by heading to the bank in the middle of the day. This allows you to free up your 4:00-5:00 hour and start your weekend as soon as possible. Not only is this more convenient for you, but the bank tellers will certainly appreciate your minimizing of the afternoon rush.

Make the most of your lunch break this week! Get in touch with Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics today to schedule an appointment at a dentist Downtown Pittsburgh for your upcoming lunch break!


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