5 Surprising Reasons People Get Lip Injections


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February 12, 2020

Major misconceptions exist in the reasoning behind why women (and men!) choose to get facial aesthetic treatments. Whether you’re interested in Botox, dermal filler, or lip injections, Pittsburgh dentist Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics knows that there are a number of reasons people choose aesthetic treatments. When it comes to lip injections Pittsburgh, people want more than a sexy pout and an Instagram-worthy mug. That’s why Sixth Street Dental is here to share 5 surprising reasons our patients choose to get lip injections -- the reasons may surprise you!

Lip Injections Enhance a Beautiful Smile

The Leader in Dental Health & Lip Injections Pittsburgh Encourages Both Treatments

lip injections pittsburgh

Your lips and teeth are both equally important aspects of your smile. One without the other simply feels incomplete, which is why the leader in lip injections Pittsburgh often recommends choosing lip injections as a way to complement and enhance and already beautiful smile. After undergoing a smile makeover, finishing Invisalign, or whitening your smile is a great time to get lip injections because it can really take a beautiful smile to the next level.

At Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics, we have the experience and expertise necessary to inject according to your smile goals. We can create a natural finish or utilize the ‘go big or go home’ mindset to help you get the look you want and continue putting your best face forward for months afterward. Best of all, we make it easy to keep up with regular dental treatments and lip injections all in one convenient location.

Balancing Facial Proportions with Lip Injections Pittsburgh

Enhance Your Natural Beauty & Best Features with Lip Injections

lip injections pittsburgh

A number of factors play into your appearance, including genetics, race, and life habits. Because of these factors, people have different eye and mouth shapes, cheek volume, skin texture, and more. Some people want to accentuate their lips and mouth or create facial balance between other more defined features, which is a huge reason why many people choose to get lip injection. Pittsburgh dentist Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics knows how to balance naturally thin lips with a natural-looking amount of injection, allowing patients to reach their aesthetic goals with ease.

Look Younger with the Help of Lip Injections

Using Lip Injections Pittsburgh to Preserve a Youthful Look

lip injections woman

Much like our skin itself, our lips naturally lose that full look as we age. This is because the collagen in our skin naturally wears down over time, leaving excess skin to begin to hang and wrinkle. Juvederm - the compound used in lip injections and dermal fillers - helps to recreate the natural-looking fullness caused by collagen, reinstating the youthful look you want in life. 

For many people, this seems odd because we typically do not immediately associate thin lips with old age. However, women are particularly cognizant of the changes to their bodies as they age, leading many of them to seek a little extra help in getting a full, youthful look in the lips as they age.

Gain Confidence at a Major Life Event

Weddings, Graduations, and More are Great Reasons to Get Lip Injections

lip injections wedding day pittsburgh

While many women think they’ll never turn to facial aesthetic treatments to get the look they desire, many of them change their minds as a major life event pops up. Whether you’re preparing for your wedding day, a new job, graduation, or another life event, it’s normal to want to enhance your look a little bit beforehand -- after all, it’s generally acceptable to want to lose weight for major events, so why can’t you get lip injections? These treatments can help you gain the confidence you need on your big day, keeping you looking beautiful and feel like your most authentic self.

Pssst…! They Don’t Need a Reason

Choosing Lip Injections Pittsburgh Just Because You Want Them

lip injections pittsburgh

After a number of years in the industry, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics knows one thing for certain; you don’t need a ‘reason’ to get lip injections. Pittsburgh men and women want to look and feel their best, and taking the steps to put their best faces forward can help ensure they are happy and confident with themselves. If you think lip injection may be right for you, do some research, talk to the team at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics, and give them a shot (pun intended).

Ready to achieve your facial aesthetic goals with lip injections? Get in touch with the team at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics today to get started with Botox, lip injections, Kybella, and more!


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