4 Treatments a Dentist in Pittsburgh, PA Uses to Create Hollywood-Worthy Smiles


Rachel Lombardo


October 21, 2019

Nearly every time you turn on the TV or open up social media, you’ll find pictures of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities on your screen. As leaders in beauty and fashion, it comes as no surprise that celebrities work hard to have a stunning smile. Whether these celebrities have chosen cosmetic dentistry or facial aesthetic treatments, the treatments result in a stunning smile that enhances their natural beauty. At Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - a leading dentist in Pittsburgh, PA - we know that a beautiful smile is important you too, which is why we’re here to break down the four most popular treatments used by the stars to create a Hollywood-ready smile. From veneers to Botox, Sixth Street Dental can help you reach your smile goals and give you a smile that’s always ready for its close-up.

Dental Veneers

Enhance Your Smile with Veneers from a Dentist in Pittsburgh, PA

meghan markle
Source: https://www.hellomagazine.com/fashion/royal-style/2019092578210/meghan-markle-sheer-dress-club-monaco-high-heels-baby-archie/

As one of the fastest-growing cosmetic dental treatments, veneers are a popular choice among celebrities and Pittsburgh residents. Designed to majorly enhance the appearance of healthy teeth, veneers can turn virtually any smile into a beautiful, photo-worthy masterpiece. The white, glistening, and perfectly-shaped appearance of veneers make them the cosmetic dental choice of numerous celebrities, including Jordyn Woods, Miley Cyrus, Meghan Markle, Zach Efron, Niall Horan, and Cardi B.

Veneers are the beautiful, long-lasting solution that celebrities turn to due to their restorative nature. Typically a permanent feature, veneers are applied by scraping off a small section of the front of a tooth and adding thin custom-made shells to the surface of the tooth. The veneers are typically made of ceramic or porcelain materials and can correct the appearance of crooked, stained, or chipped teeth with ease. At Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics, the veneers process begins with a consultation and an assessment of your smile goals. In just a few short weeks post-consultation, you’ll have an unforgettable smile you can’t wait to show off from a dentist in Pittsburgh, PA.


Straight Your Teeth like the Stars with a Dentist in Pittsburgh, PA

katherine heigl
Source: https://www.usanetwork.com/suits/blog/katherine-heigl-joins-suits-as-series-regular-in-season-8

If you’re sensitive about a crooked smile, Invisalign is the perfect choice for you. This clear alternative to braces straightens your teeth faster and with more accuracy than traditional braces while making no changes to your lifestyle and keeping you confident. Invisalign has been used by plenty of celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian, Katherine Heigl, Justin Beiber, and Zendaya. Teen Singer Billie Eilish even began her album ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go” with a reference to taking out her Invisalign before singing.

Invisalign from a dentist in Pittsburgh, PA is the perfect cosmetic solution for anyone hoping to improve the appearance of their smile. Quick, effective, and causing next to no lifestyle changes, Invisalign provides users with stellar results and smile they can’t wait to show off -- even if it’s not on the red carpet.


Prevent the Signs of Aging with a Dentist in Pittsburgh, PA

cindy crawford and kim kardashian
Source: https://www.glamour.es/celebrities/noticias/articulos/kim-kardashian-cindy-crawford-instagram-tequila-casamigos/26968

Botox: we’ve all heard about it and been curious about its benefits. However, an unfortunate stigma exists against people who use facial aesthetics to take pride in and become more confident in their appearance. Luckily, celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Ripa, and even John Mayer being open about their use of Botox has liberated people across the United States to begin using and discussing their use of Botox -- and because of this, Botox is now more popular than ever.

Botox is the facial aesthetic treatment designed to minimize the signs of aging on the face. Using a toxin designed to freeze-up wrinkle-causing muscles in the face, Botox is completely safe and effective at preserving the youthful look of celebrities and Pittsburgh residents alike. When completed by an experienced medical professional - like the trusted dentist in Pittsburgh, PA, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - Botox results can be stunningly natural looking and give you the confidence you need to put your best face forward. 

In addition to Botox, celebrities use facial aesthetic treatments like Juvederm, lip injections, and Kybella to reach their facial aesthetic goals, all of which are available at Sixth Street Dental as well.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Get a Beautiful Smile with a Dentist in Pittsburgh, PA

dwayne the rock johnson
Source: https://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/news/a44525/all-the-reasons-why-wed-totally-hit-the-rock/

Nearly every celebrity in Hollywood utilized professional whitening services so that they’re photo-ready on the red carpet. Stars’ bright, glistening smiles are often their signature claims to fame, and your smile is equally as important! Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics supplies celebrity-worthy teeth whitening services in Pittsburgh, PA that help keep your smile looking flawless for months at a time.

Ready to get a beautiful smile like the stars? Get in touch with the team at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - the leading dentist in Pittsburgh, PA - today to get started with your Hollywood-worthy smile.


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