4 Important Things to Look for When Choosing a Dentist


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June 3, 2019

Whether you’re new to the area, just switched your insurance, or are simply ready to change your dental care provider, finding a good dentist can be exhausting. You find that all too often you must sacrifice the personability of your provider for the variety of care they offer, making it nearly impossible to find a dentist that checks off all your boxes. Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics—the most-trusted dentist in downtown Pittsburgh—knows how difficult it can be to find a good care provider, which is why we made it our mission to be the dentist that is everything you need.

We’re here to break down the four most important elements you need to consider when choosing a dentist in downtown Pittsburgh so you can make the right decision for you. These include:

  • A dentist with a wide variety of care options
  • Warm, friendly service from experienced dentists
  • The convenience of being close to home, work, or school
  • The option of exploring cosmetic treatments

The Care You Need & So Much More

Sixth Street Dental is the Dentist in Downtown Pittsburgh that Caters to All Your Needs

dentist and patient looking at teeth on x-ray

First and foremost, a dentist should be focused on oral health and the longevity of the care they provide. You need to find a dentist that isn’t just there to collect a paycheck but is passionate about creating healthy, beautiful smiles that will last for the rest of their lives. Your dentist should offer routine cleanings and diagnostic work, while being able to care for any dental ailment that you encounter with enough professionalism and confidence to ease your mind about your upcoming dental treatment.

At Sixth Street Dental—the most trusted dentist in downtown Pittsburgh—we put comfort and care at the forefront of our practice. Specializing in providing a comfortable environment for patients with dental anxiety, we use industry-leading approaches to treatment to ensure the best care possible for each and every patient.

We don’t stop at keeping our patients comfortable though. We work hard to ensure healthy, long-lasting smiles. Not only do we work hard to position ourselves as an industry leader in providing information to the masses, but we use our expertise to provide in-depth evaluations of our patients' needs. Providing everything from routine checkups and cleanings, x-rays, whitening, and fillings to the downtown Pittsburgh area, we put the long-term health of our patients first and treat you like family with every visit.

Warm, Friendly Service

More than Just a Tactic for Making You Comfortable

dentist looking in patient's mouth

When you walk into your dentist’s office, the last thing you want is to feel anxious and unwelcome. This is a mutual feeling shared among many patients; the super-hygienic environment can sometimes feel cold and unwelcoming, putting them on edge for their upcoming visit.

At Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics, we work hard to make you feel as comfortable as possible. From greeting you with an inviting smile as you check in to taking the time to learn about your life, we create a lasting relationship with you that helps your dental anxiety melt away.

But this isn’t just a tactic for making you feel comfortable. We built this relationship to create a holistic view of your oral health. For instance, we look to create an environment that allows you to talk to us about what’s happening in your life—like how you’ve been stressed about work or that an upcoming event is giving you anxiety. From here, we’ll make sure your teeth aren’t suffering from this added stress from teeth grinding or stress-eating habits. By understanding your holistic health we are able to gain helpful insights that help us create a plan for optimum dental health.

A Convenient Location for Your Busy Schedule

The Best Location for a Dentist in Downtown Pittsburgh

map of downtown pittsburgh

We get it—you lead a busy lifestyle. Between work, school, managing your family, and taking time to relax, the last thing you need is the inconvenience of going out of your way to see the dentist—no matter how great that dentist may be. That’s why it’s imperative to find a dentist located in a convenient location without sacrificing the quality of care you need.

Conveniently located on Sixth Street in downtown Pittsburgh, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics is in the heart of Pittsburgh’s business district. Not only can you easily reach our office via car or bus, but we’re located right around the corner from the Wood St. T Station, providing easy access from the North Shore or South Hills.

Not only are we situated in the perfect location for stopping in before or after work, but our hours are designed to work with yours. Open from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and Friday by appointment, we ensure that you can get the quality care you need despite your busy schedule.

Oral Health & Cosmetic Treatment All in One Place

Find a Dentist that Can Make Your Smile Look its Best

doctor injecting serum in patient's face

Any dentist can create a clean, pretty smile. But it’s not always just the teeth that make a smile lovely: it’s also making sure you enhance your best facial features as a whole.

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, we don’t stop with your teeth. Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics offers a variety of cosmetic treatment options that enhance your natural beauty and give you the smile of your dreams. Whether you’re interested in tightening up the skin around your mouth, creating fuller lips, or getting rid of that double-chin for good, Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics in downtown Pittsburgh provides the options you need to get the most out of your beautiful new smile.

Ready to see what makes Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics the best dentist in downtown Pittsburgh? Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment to and see just how many of your boxes we check off.


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