3 Confidence-Boosting Benefits Of Botox


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February 4, 2019

The word that’s been floating around your head for the past few years: Botox. We don’t blame you; we all want a fresh, youthful look that makes our neighbors and coworkers wonder ‘how does she still look this good?’. Making the decision to get Botox isn’t about what others think, though. It’s about you and the confidence you gain from putting your best face forward and being comfortable in the skin you’re in (even if you do need a little help - we won’t tell!). That’s why the botox professionals at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics have compiled the top three ways your confidence can be boosted with Botox. Trust us, there’s way more than you think!

Look and Feel Younger

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Of course our list of confidence-boosting Botox procedures would be incomplete without mentioning that Botox is best-known for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging. While we should never be ashamed of our facial lines (they’re a sign of a life well-lived, after all) some people prefer to preserve a youthful look to boost their confidence in their everyday lives.

Not only do Botox injections relax muscles that cause existing fine lines and wrinkles, but they prevent the formation of future wrinkles and boost collagen. This is great news for women worried about the deepening of their smile lines or crows feet because Botox not only reverses some signs of aging, but prevents signs of aging from advancing further.

Many Botox professionals recommend men and women begin their first Botox treatment as soon as forehead lines start to appear, which for many is as early as their twenties. Early treatment is important for ensuring that signs of aging are delayed in the future and patients can continue to be confident throughout adulthood.

Reduce the Appearance of Scars

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For people with visible scars, not only does the scar hinder a person’s ability to be fully confident in their appearance, but sometimes acts as a constant reminder of the trauma endured while the scar was created. In order to restore confidence after a scarring accident, many people turn to Botox to smooth the appearance of the scar and reduce how noticeably visible it is on a person’s face.

Botox reduces the appearance of scarring by relaxing the muscles that form the skin’s tightness around the scar as a whole. This is a relief for people with large forehead scars and recovering lesions because many creams and other treatments simply smooth the skin itself rather than reaching the nerves that are contracted and forming the scar. With just a few Botox treatments, many people are able to reduce the appearance of their visible facial  scars and feel more like themselves again after an injury or accident.

Stop Teeth Grinding

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Though seemingly not a cosmetic issue, teeth grinding or clenching can cause severe tooth damage. For some, teeth grinding is an anxious habit, and for others a subconscious night time habit. In both situations, not only does this erode the tooth, but can cause irritation and gum recession.

Luckily for teeth grinders everywhere, Botox can be used as a treatment for this harmful habit. The botox is injected into the jaw area to prevent teeth grinding and the damage it causes. This is done through inhibiting the contraction of the muscles allowing the jaw to clench and grind. Botox is a unique and notably effective treatment for teeth grinding because, unlike a mouthguard that merely prevents the damage caused by grinding, it confronts and stops the source of the problem. With Botox to prevent teeth grinding, not only will patients gain a healthier smile, but find new confidence in knowing they have tossed away a harmful habit.

Having confidence in yourself in everyday life is a huge aspect in putting your best face forward. But let’s not forget -- we all need a little help being our most confident selves sometimes. That’s why we at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics work closely with patients to help them find the course of treatment - whether it be Botox, veneers, or a total smile makeover - to help them find confidence in themselves. Thinking Botox may be the answer to some of your biggest insecurities? Get in touch with Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics - your trusted Pittsburgh Botox professionals- to learn how we can help you get the beautiful, confident appearance of your dreams.


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