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December 18, 2019

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, chances are you’re familiar with Invisalign and its competitors. These invisible aligners have become the gold standard for fast, discreet teeth straightening due to their fast treatment times, professional oversight, and efficacy. With vast differences from traditional braces, Invisalign treatment involves minimal life changes, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make the most out of your treatment. What hacks can make your Invisalign treatment a little better? The leader in Invisalign Pittsburgh at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics is here to break it down for you.

Surviving Your First Set of Aligners

Tips from the Leader in Invisalign Pittsburgh for a Comfortable First Set

Invisalign Pittsburgh

Your first week of Invisalign will definitely feel like a big life change. You’ll be expected to keep your aligners in for about 22 hours a day, meaning that it may feel like you need to get strategic with your eating and drinking schedule at first. Additionally, you are likely to experience some minor discomfort during the first few days. To make this transition easier, check out these great tips for your first set of aligners from the leader in Invisalign Pittsburgh:

  • Take ibuprofen for discomfort. The first few days of Invisalign can cause some discomfort in your mouth simply because you are not used to the continuous pressure on your teeth. Luckily, Invisalign recently improved its materials to minimize discomfort, but if you are in pain it’s okay to take Ibuprofen or another pain reliever. For your first day, try to stay ahead of your pain then gauge your pain come day two if you should take more.
  • Eat soft foods. The discomfort from the first couple of days can have a tendency to decrease your appetite a little bit. However, if you are hungry in the first few days, you may feel more comfortable snacking on soft foods. Be sure to remove your aligners before eating and brush thoroughly after eating.
  • Keep your retainer case with you. The first few days with Invisalign are a big change in your daily habits, and taking out your Invisalign to eat (or as a quick relief from the discomfort) makes it easy to leave your Invisalign on a napkin or in your pocket. Avoid this by getting into the habit of carrying your retainer case with you early on in your treatment.

Tips for Maximizing Invisalign Treatment

Mid-Treatment Tips from the Leader in Invisalign Pittsburgh

Invisalign Dentist Pittsburgh

Invisalign treatments typically range from 6-18 months, meaning you’ll eventually find what works for you during treatment. You’ll slowly discover the perfect eating pattern, ways to deal with any minor discomfort during treatment, and how to efficiently brush your aligners. In addition to the Invisalign hacks you’ll discover along the way, check out these tips for making your treatment as smooth as possible:

  • Invest in reusable straws. The best thing to drink with your Invisalign in is water, but we know that some people can’t pass up the occasional iced coffee or diet coke. We recommend removing your Invisalign while drinking anything other than water, but if you do decide to keep them in, be sure to use a straw. You can purchase Invisalign- and environmentally-friendly reusable straws for on the go at a number of stores or on Amazon.
  • Use your chewies. Part of your Invisalign treatment involves making sure your Invisalign is fully in place. Your chewies are given to you to push your aligners into place. Not only can they be kind of fun to chew on before bed, but they are a key aspect in maintaining quick, effective treatment.
  • Carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Invisalign treatment requires you to brush your teeth after treatment whenever possible. Be sure to keep a travel dental kit with you in your purse, backpack, or at your office so that you can keep your smile and aligners bright and clean for treatment.
  • Hold on to the previous set. In the case that you lose your current set of aligners, the leader in Invisalign Pittsburgh recommends holding onto your previous set. This way, you can use those to keep your teeth in place while you continue your hunt or until you can get a replacement set.

Finishing Treatment with a Beautiful Smile

Maintain a Beautiful Smile with the Leaders in Invisalign Pittsburgh

Beautiful Smile Invisalign Pittsburgh

Once your treatment is complete, the work isn’t quite over. You’ll be so excited to show off your beautiful new smile after treatment, but be sure to keep these care tips in mind to preserve the longevity and quality of your results:

  • Consider professional whitening. After several months of Invisalign, it’s not uncommon for people to experience minor yellowing or dulling of the teeth. Ask your orthodontist or dentist about whitening options, many of which may be included with your treatment from some providers.
  • Wear your retainer. Just because your teeth are straight doesn’t mean you’re off the hook with wearing retainers! You’ll be expected to wear a retainer for at least 6 months (if not more) after treatment ends. This nighttime retainer will keep your teeth in place for a long period of time, preserving your results as best as possible.
  • Continue regular dental visits. It’s extremely important to continue seeing a dentist for regular checkups. Ideally, you will have chosen a Pittsburgh dentist to provide you with Invisalign so that they can continue to track any movement after treatment is complete.

Think it’s time to consider Invisalign for yourself? Get in touch with the team at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics today to get started with your Invisalign journey.


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