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August 21, 2019

Everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of and cannot wait to show off to the people in their lives. However, poor dental hygiene, genetics, and a variety of other factors can inhibit many people from having beautiful smiles. Luckily, advancements in dental and oral health care have paved the way for new treatments that allow people with past oral health issues to regain confidence in their smiles. As one of the most-loved options by dentists and patients alike, dental implants are the complete smile dental solution that can completely overhaul your oral health and the appearance of your smile. Want to learn about the astounding benefits of Dental Implants? The experts at Sixth Street Dental Aesthetics are here to break it down for you.

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Improves Appearance

Dental Implants are a Complete Smile Dental Solution for a Beautiful Smile

One of the greatest benefits of dental implants is that they greatly improve the appearance of unsightly smiles caused by cracked or rotting teeth. Dental implants work by using a process called osseointegration to add a titanium anchor into your jaw bone. On this anchor, your dentist places an artificial tooth, known as a dental crown, that is designed to either match your natural teeth or create a beautiful smile on its own. The crown is flawlessly designed to make your smile more beautiful so that you can’t wait to show it off.

Improves Speech

Dental Crowns Help Preserve Your Ability to Articulate Properly

Dental implants are considered a complete smile dental solution because they go beyond making your smile look nice, but actually help you function normally. Some people struggle to speak normally with a set of dentures or other removable dental solution, but since dental implants are a permanent fixture in your mouth, they act just like normal teeth. This allows you to speak without any speech impediments caused by teeth.


The Complete Smile Dental Solution Designed with Your Comfort in Mind


Dentures, bridges, and other dental solutions can be uncomfortable if not well maintained because it is possible to food to get stuck beneath them or for small fractures to form that cause discomfort. Dental implants look and act just like your natural teeth, making them extremely comfortable because they feel like a natural facet of your mouth.

98% Success Rate

Patients Respond Well to Dental Implants as a Complete Smile Dental Solution

While success rate is heavily dependent on where the implant is placed in the jaw, dental implants have a 98% success rate. Implants are often most successful when implanted into the lower jaw, but given this high success rate you can count on your dental implants being well-received by your body and feeling like your natural teeth in no time. Additionally, when cared for properly, dental implants will often last a lifetime, allowing this 98% success rate to mean so much more.

Prevention of Bone Loss

Osseointegration Helps Maintain a Proper Jaw Shape

Many times people choose dental implants because they are missing teeth or have teeth that are not viable or healthy. When there is not a tooth anchored into the jaw, the jaw bone will actually begin to disintegrate and will cause malformations of the face. Osseointegration - the process that occurs when a dental implant is added into the jaw - actually spurs the creation of new bone, which in turn can maintain jaw health and function while preserving the look of your face itself.

Natural Eating

Dental Implants Help Maintain Normal, Healthy Eating Habits

We all know that people with braces are limited by a variety of dietary restrictions to avoid breaking their brackets or getting food stuck in their braces. Much like braces, there are a variety of dental solutions that cause either discomfort while eating or treat dietary restrictions altogether. Dental Implants are the complete smile dental solution that look, feel, and act like your normal teeth, meaning (outside of a brief healing period in which you get to eat loads of ice cream) you’ll enjoy all of your favorite foods with your dental implants.

Boosts Confidence

Dental Implants Make You Feel as Good as They Look

Smiling Dental Implants Pittsburgh

When it comes to complete smile dental solutions, dental implants make you look and feel great. But we know that confidence is more than skin deep; confidence inspires you to take chances, dive deeper, and show off what you’re capable of achieving. 

Improves Oral Health

Replacing Unhealthy Teeth Helps Keep Diseases from Occurring

Unhealthy, cracked, and rotting teeth not only look unsightly, but they can cause serious health issues for your smile. From cavities to tooth decay, dental implants help prevent a variety of oral health problems from forming and spreading

Low Maintenance

The Complete Smile Dental Solution that Will Last for Decades

One of the biggest reasons people choose dental implants is because they are extremely low maintenance. After your surgery, you’ll have a few appointments to ensure that your dental implants are healing and functioning properly. After that, you’ll be able to treat your dental implants like normal teeth than need infrequent checkups and repairs. As mentioned, dental implants will often last a lifetime with proper care.


Dental Implants are the Complete Smile Dental Solution You Can Get Close to Home

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Dental implants are among the easiest to manage, most convenient dental solutions. You can rest assured that you don’t have to worry about caring for your dental implants any differently than your normal teeth: no extra pastes, frequent appointments, or special equipment for care.

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