Digital X-Rays

At Sixth Street Dental, we know that dental patients receive a higher level of care with digital x-ray technology, which is why we are pleased to offering this cutting edge technology to our patients.

What is Digital X-Ray technology?

Digital x-ray technology, also referred to as digital radiography, is the latest technological advancement in x-ray technology. Digital X-Rays offer patients a variety of benefits that make their dental care safer, healthier and more comfortable. There’s no caustic chemicals needed to process film in-office. They also reduce radiation exposure by at least 75%!

All of these benefits allow our clients to have a more positive experience and a better understanding of their oral health.

Here’s how Digital X-Rays at Sixth Street Dental work:

A small camera, about the size of half a teabag, is placed into the patient’s mouth. An image pops up immediately on a nearby computer screen. Dr. Lin and you look at the images on a large LCD monitor, in real time, and make decisions about your dental health. Images are then stored on our computer at Sixth Street Dental for easy retrieval when needed.

More Benefits of Digital X-Ray

Your digital x-rays can be viewed immediately. We are able to clarify and enlarge images immediately.
Digital x-rays allow us to detect decay and disease at its earliest stages, improving your overall dental care.


Digital x-rays take less time. Our patients have busy schedules and we strive to make dentistry convenient.


Since the images are stored electronically, we can easily access the images for insurance/medical reasons.

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