Crowns & Bridges


A dental crown is a tooth shaped “cap” that is placed over a tooth. Its function is to restore the tooth’s shape, size and strength and to improve its appearance.

Crowns Are Needed To:

  • Protect a weak tooth
  • Restore an already broken tooth
  • Hold a dental bridge in place
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover misshapen or discolored teeth

Bridge Work

A Bridge is a fixed dental restoration (a fixed dental prosthesis) used to replace a missing tooth (or several teeth) by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth or dental implants.

Types of bridges may vary, depending upon how they are fabricated and the way they anchor to the adjacent teeth. Conventionally, bridges are made using the indirect method of restoration. However, bridges can be fabricated directly in the mouth using such materials as composite resin.

What Are the Benefits of Dental Bridges?

  • Repair your smile
  • Repair your ability to properly chew and speak
  • Maintain the shape of your face
  • Distribute the forces in your bite properly by replacing missing teeth
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of position

Here are some tips to help you take care of your smile!

Healthy habits
Brushing twice a day for two minutes and flossing dailyare essential for everyone, no matter how unique your mouth is. It’s the best way to fight tooth decay and gum disease.
Build a relationship
Continuity of care is an important part of any health plan and dental health is no exception. When Dr. Lin sees you regularly, he or she is in a good position to catch oral problems early. For instance, catching gum disease when it’s still reversible, or cavities when they are small and are more easily treated.


Keeping your mouth healthy is an essential piece of your overall health. It’s important to keep Dr. Li innformed of any changes in your overall health as well.

Talk about it!

Only Dr. Zotis can determine what the best treatment plan is for you. Have questions about your oral health or certain dental procedures? Start a conversation. Ask Dr. Lin to explain step-by-step. Dentists love having satisfied, healthy patients.

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