If you have missing or failing teeth that make it difficult or uncomfortable to eat, speak, or smile, dentures may be the ideal solution to repair your smile.

Complete Solutions

Depending on your current oral health and what you wish to achieve, dentures are available in both complete and partial solutions. A complete denture set is a full arch custom-made for the entire upper portion of your mouth or the entire lower portion of your mouth. You may choose to get complete dentures for both the upper and lower arch.

Complete dentures can be placed in one of two ways. The first is the traditional route of extracting the teeth, allowing six weeks to heal, and then placing the dentures. The second can be finished in one day by extracting the teeth and placing the dentures directly after. In the latter procedure, the dentures can act as a bandage over the extraction site and speed up the healing process if you follow your dentist’s cleaning and maintenance instructions carefully.

Partial Solutions

Partial dentures come in three forms: removable, fixed, and precision. A removable partial denture typically consists of replacement teeth that are mounted onto a gum-colored plastic base. It may be connected by metal framework to hold the denture in place. Partial dentures are typically the chosen route for a person with one or more natural teeth remaining in either the upper or lower arch.

A fixed denture, on the other hand, is installed by placing crowns on the teeth that surround the empty space on either side. The bridge is cemented into place, thus filling the spaces of the missing teeth and preventing other teeth from moving.

Finally, a precision partial denture is removable but features internal attachments (rather than clasps) to attach it to crowns on adjacent teeth. A precision denture is more natural-looking and made to cosmetically fit perfectly within your mouth.

What Are Dentures Made Of?

Denture teeth are made of either plastic or porcelain, depending on your budget and needs. Either material has been tailored for use in denture applications and will prove highly durable. The realism achieved will depend on which specific type of denture you choose. Precision partials or complete porcelain sets tend to be the most realistic in appearance. Your dentist can show you examples of all of your different options and present a custom solution to fit your needs.